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Fast food advertising: Billions in spending, continued high exposure by youth

Fast-food consumption among youth remains a significant public health concern. The findings in this report demonstrate that fast-food advertising spending increased from 2012 to 2019; youth exposure to TV ads declined, but at a lower rate than reductions in TV viewing times; many restaurants continued to disproportionately target advertising to Hispanic and Black youth; and restaurants did not actively promote healthier menu items. Restaurants must do more to reduce harmful fast-food advertising to youth Keep reading

breakfast foods

Those breakfast foods are fortified for a reason

Adults who skip breakfast are likely to miss out on key nutrients that are most abundant in the foods that make up morning meals, a new study suggests. An analysis of data on more than 30,000 American adults showed that skipping breakfast – and missing out on the calcium in milk, vitamin C in fruit, and the fiber, vitamins and minerals found in fortified cereals – likely left adults low on those nutrients for the entire day Keep reading

fish left

New dipping solution turns the whole fish into food

After filleting, there are still lots of valuable and nutritious parts of the fish left, such as the backbones, heads and fins. By dipping these side streams into a specially developed solution, containing ingredients such as rosemary extract and citric acid, their shelf life can be extended significantly, giving a useful window of time to process them further Keep reading

corona pandemic

Corona fuels a different pandemic

Survey on diet and exercise since the start of the corona pandemic presented. How has the corona pandemic affected the dietary and exercise behavior and thus the weight of adults? Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have investigated this question and found that about 40 percent of those surveyed have gained weight since the start of the pandemic and that slightly more than half of those surveyed have exercised less than they did before the corona crisis. Keep reading

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