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Poorer health in most deprived areas may be linked to microbiomes in the gut

An earlier onset of disease and ageing in the most deprived could be linked to gut health and poor diet. A new, first-of-its-kind-study, led by the University of Glasgow and published in Scientific Reports, analysed the composition of microbes in the body and found that there was a higher amount of pathogenic – disease-causing – bacteria in those who were most biologically aged Keep reading

breakfast foods

Those breakfast foods are fortified for a reason

Adults who skip breakfast are likely to miss out on key nutrients that are most abundant in the foods that make up morning meals, a new study suggests. An analysis of data on more than 30,000 American adults showed that skipping breakfast – and missing out on the calcium in milk, vitamin C in fruit, and the fiber, vitamins and minerals found in fortified cereals – likely left adults low on those nutrients for the entire day Keep reading

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