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Caffè cambiamento climatico

Caffè e cambiamenti climatici

Caffè e cambiamenti climatici. La qualità del caffè, stando allo studio effettuato dal team della Montana State University, Tufts University e Specialty Coffee Association, è influenzata sensibilmente dei fattori ambientali legati ai cambiamenti climatici così come al cambiamento delle strategie di gestione agronomica adottate come conseguenza a questi. Continua la lettura

Arabica coffee beans

How climate change affects Colombia’s coffee production

If your day started with a cup of coffee, there’s a good chance your morning brew came from Colombia. Home to some of the finest Arabica beans, the country is the world’s third largest coffee producer. Climate change poses new challenges to coffee production in Colombia, as it does to agricultural production anywhere in the world, but a new University of Illinois study shows effects vary widely depending on where the coffee beans grow Continua la lettura

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