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Regolamento (UE) 1561/2019

Regolamento (UE) 1561/2019 del 17 settembre 2019 che modifica gli allegati II e III del Regolamento (CE) 396/2005 per quanto riguarda i livelli massimi di residui di clormequat nei funghi coltivati. Leggi


Monday healthy breakfast ideas: mini berries cake

Hi there! Skipping breakfast could throw off your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating, therefore it is really important to choose the morning meal that nourishes and fuel the body. Here is one of our favorite tasty breakfast recipes to super-charge your morning. Cake base: Egg white, 125g Flour mix (rice+chestnut, 50/50 ratio), 30g Blueberries,… Leggi

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